死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend)

死んだ僕の彼女 (shinda boku no kanojo) (My Dead Girlfriend) is a japanese Shoegaze / Post-rock / Noise-pop band. Currently, the band consists of Ishikawa (vocal & guitar), Ideta (vocal & synthesizer), Kinoshita (guitar), Kawakami (bass) and Kunii (drums)

死んだ僕の彼女 (Known by western fans by the name “My Dead Girlfriend”) were formed in Saitama in 2005 by Ishikawa (vocal & guitar), Ideta (vocal & synthesizer), Arakawa (guitar), Otsuka (bass) and Shimano (drums). The band’s first performance was at the Higashi Koenji LA CLUB to a crowd of approximately 10 people. Kinoshita (guitar) joined in early 2006, following the departure of Arakawa.

Tha band style is characterized by double (male & female) vocals which blends along, almost in a background manner, with ringing guitar riffs, frenzy but sober drums, soothing bass lines and warm keyboard various effects, which gives a dream-rock / shoegaze vibe to the band who, according to their website, states it’s a “NOISE-POP band”.


Here follows the complete list of their CDs, with short descriptions, link to listen to each piece, and, if there are, translation I made on 感激宴会 ~ kangeki enkai of these songs.
By clicking the [♫] beside each song, you can listen to them online.
Songs titles which could be clicked, if clicked, redirect you towards the translations I’ve made of them.
I plan on translate them all, so this page can change anytime.

2songs + Cassette Tape E.P / 6songs From The Happy Valley (2007)

This is the first E.P. released by the band, which features 6 tracks, ranging from 3 to 6 minutes each. The whole E.P. has a western shoegaze vibe and eerie sounding tracks, which help building up a nightmareish yet oniric atmosphere which is also one of the main features of this band on later albums. Though, in this album we can listen to this component more on a musical level rather than a lyric-related one, as other albums do.
Off to a great start for the band, this album offers themes which becomes recurring and starts building the atmosphere revolving around their music. Both the short tracks such as Kanrinin no Musume and the longer ones, such as Fuyu no Hachiouji.


01. [] Fuyu no Hachiouji
02. [] Tanbo no Akuma
03. [] Kanrinin no Musume [instrumental]
04. [] Sumo
05. [] A Swimming Squid In The Swimming Pool
06. [] Gomi Mitaina Seishun

Sweet Days And Her Last Kiss (2008)

This CD, released in 2008, is actually a collab between My Dead Girlfriend and ShoujoSkip, another great shoegaze band.
Being this page about My Dead Girlfriend, we’ll cover just their tracks.
The first four tracks are by them, the other four are by ShoujoSkip.
The atmosphere in this CD is pretty unique compared to the previous work and even the other albums they were going to make.
It comes closer to a dream-rock genre as few other songs by them did, while still being an outstanding Shoegaze album.
I’ve found out about this band thanks to this CD, so I really like it.
Also, I’m currently willing to translate the songs from this CD, which I can’t seem to find online (I’m talking about the lyrics). If you have them, I’d gladly accept them!


01. [] Sweet Days And Her Last Kiss
02. [] We Eat In The Subway And Pass Over His Comment In Silence
03. [] Nou Ni Tokeru Asobi
04. [] Kinoshita Fuyou [lyrics provided by My Dead Girlfriend themselves!]

Ixtab (2010)

Ixtab, which dates two years later than their ShojoSkip-collab album, is a short album composed of 6 songs.
The whole album, which has a more post-rock vibe compared to the previous one, can also be considered a concept album, where the main theme of disappeareance, death, floating corpses and dark humor irony is the center from where the various tracks spin around.
Each track from this album is really great, and the reason why I decided to open this wordpress was because of this album (as you can see, this wordpress’s icon is a small picture of Ixtab’s cover art).
Also, the first track “Watashi no Aishita Manatsu no Shinigami” is my favourite song by this band.


01. [] Watashi No Aishita Manatsu No Shinigami
02. [] 12 Gatsu, Poolside, Ukabu Shitai
03. [] Cattle Mutilation, Strange U.F.O.
04. [] Shadow Where It Doesn’t Disappear
05. [] Spirits Of The Dead’s Bad Dream
06. [] My Piggish Girl Died Miserably

Underdrawing For Three Forms Of Unhappiness At The State Of Existence (2012)

Another minialbum released two years after Ixtab.
That’s also the first My Dead Girlfriend-only album I’ve found out about.
It also features the first song I’ve ever translated by them on my main wordpress (Foreground Noises).
Techincally speaking, this album is perfectly between Ixtab and Hades, as it shares similar features with both those albums, both in terms of lyrics and in terms of music.
The last track from this album “Aki no Hachiouji” (where “Aki” means “Fall”) is kind of related to a recurring theme on MDG’s songs, as there was “Fuyu no Hachiouji” (“Fuyu” means “Winter”) in their first E.P. and, on the song “Sweet Days And Her Last Kiss” there could be heard a verse stating “Haru no Hachiouji” (“Haru” means “Spring”).
Or even the “Tanbo no Akuma” reference on track #1. This album feels like the process between a new and an old era, and it feels kind of weird that it came out after Ixtab, at least to me.


01. [] Conception For Three Forms Of Unhappiness At The State Of Existence
02. [] Skyscraper Kills My Ghost In Your Memory / alternate translation
03. [] ヴァンデミエールの頭 (Vendemiaire no Atama)
04. [] Nasty Mayor’s Daughter
05. [] 桜花 (Ouka)
06. [] Aki no Hachiouji [lyrics provided by My Dead Girlfriend themselves!]

Hades (The Nine Stages Of Change At The Deceased Remains)  (2015)

The band’s latest album, which dates back on 2015.
This is by far one of the best know album by them by western fans, and overall one of their most apreciated albums.
It’s also the longest one, featuring 10 tracks in total.
I really like this album and it has a strange feeling to it, you can tell it’s the latest just by listening to its content, somehow.
3 Tracks from this album have english lyrics, so I won’t translate them!
I’ll write the english lyrics here:
#4 Danke: “whatever it is, I know it’s not a good thing | I was running under blazing sun, trying to escape from the heat | your animal speaks incisively, hassle as broken machine || no more words, but everything reminds me of your rusty guitar strings | don’t say anything, you’ll be fine with your girlfriend from now on || one state from another, i’m waiting for your kisses | no story to be shared, i’m waiting for your kisses || whatever it is, I know it’s not your fault | I was chasing you all around the town, trying to catch the slightest sound | your animal speaks incisively, hassle as broken machine || no more words, but everything reminds me of your rusty guitar strings | don’t say anything, you’ll be fine with your girlfriend from now on || one state from another, i’m waiting for your kisses | no story to be shared, i’m waiting for your kisses”
#5 Hong Kong Police: “when I was young and idle, | she was dirty all over. || she was a young idol. | I was idle. || she was dirty all over. | I was idle.”
#6 I think about Mary Poppins.: “I think about Mary Poppins. | justice, sir, her, tonight”


01. [] 彼女が冷たく笑ったら (kanojo ga tsumetaku warattara) (Prologue To The Nine Stages Of Change At The Deceased Remains)
02. [] 手を振って (te o futte)
03. [] Hades In The Dead Of Winter
04. [] Danke [lyrics above]
05. [] Hong Kong Police [lyrics above]
06. [] I Think About Mary Poppins [lyrics above]
07. [♫] Incarnation Of Pessimism
08. [♫] 彼女が暑くて腐ったら (kanojo ga atsukute kusattara)
09. [] Yurikago Kara Hakaba Made
10. [] 吐く息 (hakuiki) (The Last Stage Of Change At The Deceased Remains)


Aside these albums, there’s still one more track by My Dead Girlfriend, from the 2008 release Total Feedback, a Shoegaze compilation featuring lots of japanese shoegaze band.
There’s only one track by them on it, and it’s
05. [] Sunny Sunday, I Love You


This page will be updated in case of new releases, and constantly edited each time I’ll add one more translation.

On 感激宴会 ~ kangeki enkai

The translations I’ve made of their song caught My Dead Girlfriend’s attention via Twitter feedback.
First of all, they started following me back on twitter
And it was amazing to see this. I was so excited! I got recognized by a band I love, that’s the best thing I could achieve.
I proceeded asking them something:
Which translates into “Thank you so much for following me! As a big fan of My Dead Girlfriend I couldn’t believe this! Anyway, Is it okay if I keep on translating on my blog My Dead Girlfriend’s song? I’ll stop doing so if it’s not okay, don’t worry! (Please forgive my poor japanese)”
I thought that, being that my twitter’s main use is to make my two wordpresses posts spread around more, it would have been better to know if my work was appreciated or not by them. I mean, it’s right under their eyes!
They answered me pronto:
Which, again, translates into “We have a really deep interest in your translations! Please keep on translating by all means! – Ishikawa”
This felt even better than being followed by them!
In other words: 感激宴会 ~ kangeki enkai is recognized by My Dead Girlfriend.

I opened this wordpress because of them, so it’s a bit sad that I’ve already reached the top of what I could have aimed for.

Stay tuned for each new MDG’s song and any new other post.
And don’t forget to support the band by buying their CDs!

~ Shion


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