Mass of Fermenting Dregs – かくいうもの


• From ワールド イズ ユアーズ (World Is Yours)
• Track #3
• Release date: 01/21/2009
• Title: かくいうもの (kakuiumono)
• Band: マス オブ ザ ファーメンティング ドレッグス
(Mass of the Fermenting Dregs)
• Genre: Shoegaze, Punk Rock, Grunge
• Listen to it here
• Translated by Shion @FGRNDNoises

• Check the notes for this song at the bottom of this page

騒ぐ人、人、人の中で – sawagu hito, hito, hito no naka de
また、昨日と同じズレが – mata, kinou to onaji zure ga
今日から先のわたしに合図をしている – kyou kara saki no watashi ni aizu o shiteiru

In the midst of noisy, noisy masses
Again, I’m slipping through as yesterday
From today on, I’ll be a signal from my past self

でも、また、聞こえないふりで – demo, mata, kikoenai furi de
繰り返す 間違った正解 – kurikaesu machigatta seikai

But yet, again, pretending not to listen,
I’m repeating the same correct answer of committing mistakes

mune ga itamu no nara, kochira e kite, shite, ii yo

If your heart hurts,
Come here, do it, it’s fine

そこから見える景色はどう? – soko kara mieru keshiki wa dou?
淡い?青い?ひどいだけ? – awai? aoi? hidoi dake?

How’s the view you can see from here?
Is it pale? Is it blue? Is it just atrocious?

なんてことない わたしのことも – nante koto nai watashi no koto mo

It’s nothing to worry about, just like me

褪せた先はもうないの – aseta saki wa mou nai no

By now, there lies nothing before the faded colors


• 「正解」(seikai) in the second stanza could possibly being read in another way, because I keep hearing “kotae” or something like that. I’m leaving it “seikai”, being not sure about this.

Mass of Fermenting Dregs – かくいうもの


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