“The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night, And his affections dark as Erebus. Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music.” – W. Shakespeare


I decided to open this new wordpress as a consequence to my other wordpress’s situation.
The wordpress I’m talking about is Foreground Noises, which, like this one, is about music.
But not exactly the type of music I listen the most to.
Foreground Noises became moderately popular, but it’s still bound to that side of japanese music which is not viewed really well by most people.
It focuses on doujin / anime / videogame musics, which I must say can hide lots of priceless jems among them, but they’re still “weeaboo shit”, as people tend to say.
Of course, we’re talking about people who say that something is weeaboo if it features japanese language, which is kinda like saying that a generic german song / poetry whatever has nazi elements because it’s in german.
I haven’t been criticized by anyone, so opening this wordpress wasn’t something I came up with after an harassment or something like that.
I just thought about the music that I like and the music that I wish more people would knew.
That happened when I found out about Shoegaze, a musical genre which I could easily say it’s the one I can relate the most to.
The band that made me fall in love with japanese shoegaze was My Dead Girlfriend, which is also the reason why this blog opened.
I’ve already translated some shoegaze songs on my other wordpress, but something similar to what I said before happened so randomly I felt like this wordpress should be opened as soon as possible.
I was listening to this song on youtube and read a comment on it:

Weeaboo faggotry at its best. Japan should be nuked into Oblivion, fucking chinks don’t deserve to live.

Of course that’s something to laugh at.
So, as I said before, this guy is showing its hate to a song which is completely unrelated to anime, manga, videogames or things like that labeling it as “weeaboo” just because it’s in japanese.
Of course that’s just a stupid comment from a stupid racist, but it made me think about something.
The fact that, because of anime, manga, videogames and whatever, japanese language is always treated as something to be worried about, something that will let people judge your tastes just because of its existence.
I want to prove they’re wrong.
I want to prove more and more people that japanese musicians are great and they’re not necessarily bound to “weeaboo shit” as they say.
I want people to realize how much some western bands suck balls live and japanese ones don’t.
I want to share with the world the translations for those unknown beautiful japanese songs.
I want to destroy each barrier of japanese-music-phobia out there.
And foreground noises couldn’t do the job, because of its already “immature” (which is not true, I can’t find a proper word to it) contents.
That’s why this wordpress is born.
感激宴会 (kangeki enkai, Inspiration Banquet) is a wordpress about translations, about sharing, about finding out those songs people judge without even listening to.

Welcome, and enjoy your stay!


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